Empfehlenswerte Bücher zu Eclipse RCP und Plugins

Einige interessante Bücher zu den Themen RCP Anwendungsentwicklung und Plugins für die Eclipse IDE.

The Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF)

Dan Rubel, Jaime Wren, Eric Clayberg

Klappentext: As Eclipse-based applications become increasingly popular, users are demanding more sophisticated graphical interfaces. When standard widgets aren't enough, graphics built with GEF are often the best solution. The Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) covers everything Java tool developers need to create tomorrow's richest, most visual interfaces. This practical, hands-on guide begins by introducing GEF, Draw2D, and Zest, and demonstrating what can be achieved with them. Next, the authors walk through building a simple Draw2D example, helping new GEF developers understand the core capabilities available to them. Building on this foundation, they progressively introduce more of the Draw2D frameworks, including Figures, Layout Managers, Connections, Layers, and Viewports. They present a chapter-length graph visualization project based on Zest, followed by detailed coverage of non-Draw2D portions of GEF. The book's final section walks step by step through developing a complete GEF editor. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of the problem, and includes challenges, solutions, diagrams, screenshots, cookbook-style code examples, and more. This book is organized to help developers solve immediate problems quickly, while also gaining in-depth knowledge for building advanced solutions. Relevant APIs are included in several chapters, making this an even more useful standalone reference. This book * Introduces GEF application components such as shapes, flow, logic, and text * Explains Draw2D architecture, drawing features, and event processing * Shows how to create and customize figures, use painting and borders, and work with each Draw2D Layout Manager * Thoroughly explains GEF models, including domain and presentation information, populating diagrams, and more * Shows how to use Zest's content providers, filters, and layout algorithms * Covers EditParts, EditPolicies, Tools, Commands, Actions, and much more The Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) is the best resource for all Java tool developers who want to construct sophisticated graphical editing products that integrate with Eclipse, for experienced Eclipse users who want to start creating their own graphical tools, and for anyone who wants to see what makes GEF tick.

Sprache: Sprache der Webseite ISBN: 0321718380 Erschienen: 7. August 2011

Eclipse Rich Client Platform: Designing, Coding, and Packaging Java Applications

Jeff McAffer, Jean-Michel Lemieux, Chris Aniszczyk

Klappentext: The Definitive Guide to Eclipse Rich Client Development In Eclipse Rich Client Platform, Second Edition, three Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) project leaders show how to use Eclipse 3.5 ("Galileo") to rapidly deliver cross-platform applications with rich, native-feel GUIs. The authors fully reveal the power of Eclipse as a desktop application development platform; introduce important new improvements in Eclipse 3.5; and walk through developing a full-featured, branded RCP application for Windows, Linux, Mac, and other platforms--including handheld devices and kiosks. Drawing on their extensive experience, the authors cover building, refining, and refactoring prototypes; customizing user interfaces; adding help and software management features; and building, branding, testing, and shipping finished software. They demonstrate current best practices for developing modular and dynamically extensible systems, using third-party code libraries, packaging applications for diverse environments, and much more. For Java programmers at all levels of experience, this book * Introduces important new RCP features such as p2, Commands, and Databinding * Thoroughly covers key RCP-related technologies such as Equinox, SWT, JFace, and OSGi * Shows how to effectively brand and customize RCP application look-and-feel * Walks through user interface testing for RCP applications with SWTBot * Illuminates key similarities and differences between RCP and conventional plug-in development Hands-on, pragmatic, and comprehensive, this book offers all the real-world, nontrivial code examples working developers need--as well as "deep dives" into key technical areas that are essential to your success.

Sprache: Sprache der Webseite ISBN: 0321603788 Erschienen: 28. Juni 2010

Eclipse: Building Commercial-Quality Plug-ins

Eric Clayberg, Dan Rubel

Klappentext: Producing a commercial-quality plug-in means going above and beyond the minimal requirements needed to integrate with Eclipse. It means attending to all those details that contribute to the "fit and polish" of a commercial offering. This comprehensive guide covers the entire process of plug-in development, including all the extra steps needed to achieve the highest quality results. Building on two internationally best-selling previous editions, Eclipse Plug-ins, Third Edition, has been fully revised to reflect the powerful new capabilities of Eclipse 3.4. Leading Eclipse experts Eric Clayberg and Dan Rubel present detailed, practical coverage of every aspect of plug-in development, as well as specific, proven solutions for the challenges developers are most likely to encounter. All code examples, relevant API listings, diagrams, and screen captures have been thoroughly updated to reflect both the Eclipse 3.4 API and the latest Java syntax. In addition, Clayberg and Rubel have completely revamped their popular Favorites View case study, reworking much of its content and recreating its code from scratch. The authors carefully cover new functionality added to existing Eclipse features, such as views and editors, and fully explain brand-new features such as Commands, GEF, and PDE Build. This extensively revised edition * Thoroughly covers Eclipse's new preferences * Illuminates the powerful new Eclipse Command Framework, which replaces Eclipse's older Action Framework * Presents extensive new discussions of using commands with views and editors * Introduces Mylyn, the new task-focused interface that reduces information overload and simplifies multi-tasking * Contains an all-new chapter on using the Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) to build dynamic, interactive graphical user interface elements * Walks you step by step through the entire PDE Build process * Shows how to create update sites with p2, which replaces Eclipse's old Update Manager This book is designed for every experienced developer interested in extending the Eclipse platform, the Rational Software Development Platform, or any other platform that supports Eclipse plug-ins.

Sprache: Sprache der Webseite ISBN: 0321553462 Erschienen: 22. Dezember 2008